Daily Salmon Charters on the Kenai River and the Kasilof River.

1/2 Day Charters for Red Salmon and Silver Salmon.

fisherman holding sockeye salmon on a kenai river salmon charter
Group of fishermen with a stringer of red salmon on the Kasilof River Alaska

Come join us for a float down the infamous Kenai or Kasilof River and experience the thrill of Alaska salmon fishing.  Known for the beautiful jade colored water and infamous runs of salmon, this fishing adventure is sure to make ya smile.

Depending on the time of season, our salmon charters will be targeting Red Salmon (sockeye) or Silver Salmon (Coho).  Red Salmon are in the rivers late June through mid-August.  Silver Salmon are in the rivers from Early August through September.

The Kenai River and the Kasilof River are located about 20 minutes away from each other.  We are licensed and permitted for both rivers, so you are sure to experience the hottest action in the area!

    Have some outrageous fun bending a rod on these drag rippin’ acrobatic salmon!  A day of beautiful scenery, fun fishing,  and delicious bright red salmon fillets!

Starting in early June, Millions upon Millions of Red Salmon arrive in Cook Inlet on their annual summer spawning journey.  By late June, enormous schools of reds start entering our rivers each day.  And as July progresses, our 2 rivers can have upwards of 2 million salmon in them! Needless to say, the salmon fishing is off the charts!

Let our fishing guides and perfectly outfitted boats get you on the hottest fishing action on the river.  All of the Rods, tackle and instruction are provided.  Our friendly and experienced guides will explain the technique and the tricks to ensure that everyone’s hooking fish!  These fishing charters involve traveling our gorgeous rivers by boat to get to the action.  Once we arrive at our fishing location, we exit the boat and fish from the river bank wearing provided hip boots. Bring a snack and some drinks, cause we’re gonna be boatin’ and fishin’ and fightin’ salmon for about 6 hours on this trip. At the end of your charter, your guide will be happy to snap all of your hero photos and cut your salmon into perfect delicious fillets.

fisherman holding stringer of red salmon on the Kenai
Fisherman on the Kasilof River holding a salmon

August means Silver Salmon!

Arriving into the rivers at the beginning of August, giant schools of voracious and aggressive Silvers begin their annual spawning run.  Known for their aggressive behavior and thick shoulders, fishing for these salmon is an incredible experience. We get to fish for these crazy fighting, powerful salmon from early August through September!

Fishing technique for these salmon is different than red salmon fishing.  These trips will be fished exclusively from the boat.  Usually back trolling or drifting is the preferred technique.

Our salmon fishing trips require each person fishing to have a general Alaska fishing license.  No salmon stamp is required.

1/2 Day Morning or Afternoon Salmon Fishing Trip……………..$200 per person